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Long Distance

Experienced Long Distance Movers

When you hire long distance movers, you need a company that is willing to go the distance. It is a well-known fact that the farther you have to move, the more opportunities there are for something to go awry. But when you hire a professional mover like Bekins Moving Solutions, you can rest easy. Long distance moving services are a routine for us. We can do cross-country moves with our eyes closed! But we won’t because it would be dangerous to drive that way. Joking aside, we know how to get you from point A to point B safely and stress-free. What more could you want from a moving company?

Dependable Long Distance Moving Services

We understand the fear that goes into trusting strangers with everything you own. That is why we will do everything possible to show our customers why we are a completely different type of cross country moving company. Customers have trusted us with their belongings since 1936. Often, people come to Bekins Moving Solutions because their family has used us for generations! Now that is a huge accomplishment! While our long distance moving services are much easier with a truck (compared to a horse and buggy), our philosophy on customer service has not changed. No matter how far you have to go, your reason for moving, or what you need to move, Bekins Moving Solutions will always be ready to assist you with the long distance movers you deserve.

Long Distance Moving Tips

Moving a far distance is a much different experience when compared to a local move. The distance may not seem like a big issue initially, but it can complicate even the simplest of move. Not only do you have to plan the moving of your items, but you also need to determine how you and your family will get to your new location. Here are a few basic long distance moving tips that will make the miles seem like no big deal.

  • Organize and plan using a moving coordinator or moving checklist.
  • Start packing early and finish a few days prior to your move.
  • Print out directions to your new home so you aren’t dependent on cell phone reception.
  • Hire a cleaning service to clean your old place after you move.
  • Bring adequate food and entertainment for the trip.
  • Hire a moving company with a focus on customer service.

If you need assistance with your long distance move, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today! We are happy to help you!

Packing Tips for Long Distance Moving

The key to successfully packing for your long distance move is preparation and planning. Make sure to start out with items you don’t use often. Leave daily-use items until the last few days of your move or put them in a carry-on bag you can easily access during the trip. Since your items have longer to travel, there is more time for certain items to become damaged if they aren’t packed correctly. Items that use water, like washing machines, should be adequately dried prior to your move. Any fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a box with paper padding. Packing can be hard work and practically impossible if you are in a rush. Instead of struggling through packing, contact Bekins Moving Solutions. Our team of experienced packers can bring all the supplies you need to get moving today!

When you are in need of professional long distance movers, call Bekins Moving Solutions at (877) 594-1187. We can get you where you need to be quickly and easily.