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Commercial Storage Service Warrenville, ILA successful growing business needs more space, and that is why we provide top quality commercial storage services nationwide. Our commercial clients expect nothing short of excellence, and that is exactly what we provide. All our storage facilities are clean, safe, and secure. Feel free to stop by our warehouses for a free tour anytime! We love to show our customers what top quality commercial storage looks like. Give Bekins Moving Solutions a call and get what you need stored securely today.

Our Commercial Storage Process

Bekins Moving Solutions offers a wide variety of storage solutions for your business. When you use our commercial storage services, you can trust that your items will always remain in the same condition that you left them. We have a team of experienced warehouse managers that use modern storage tracking and inventory management programs to keep track of everything in our possession. We can help you with long-term and short-term storage, packing, and transportation if needed. We know that keeping to your business’s budget is crucial. Bekins Moving Solutions offers many affordable storage packages to help you save the green and keep you in the black.

What should I look for in a storage service?

When it comes to storing your household goods while you move, numerous facts play a major role in making the overall decision. First off, take a look at all the things you intend to put into storage. This should give you a clear idea of the size of storage unit you will require. You don’t want a unit that can just hold everything, however. Instead, you want one a tad larger, to ensure you can move around inside and access your items later on down the road. Most people rent the smallest storage unit possible to save themselves some money, but it ends up causing them trouble later on.

Do a bit of research on the storage facility and look for good reviews from previous customers, units that match your requirements all around, and a price that works well for your relocation budget. Tie these all together, as you don’t want to simply focus on one aspect over the rest.

Our Commercial Storage Services

Contact Bekins Moving Solutions today for all your commercial storage needs. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our commercial storage services include:

  • Complete inventory and asset management
  • 24-hour secured facilities with updated fire protection
  • Temperature-controlled storage facilities
  • Consolidation and distribution
  • Vault, pallet, cage, and rack storage options
  • Floor-level leased space
  • Long- and short-term storage options
  • Forklift access
  • Office and modular furniture storage
  • High-value product and fine art storage
  • Sensitive or calibrated equipment storage
  • Space reservation

For more information regarding our commercial storage services, call Bekins Moving Solutions today at (877) 251-8493.