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Yard sales before you move

Garage sale before movingPlanning a move will probably lead to the planning of a yard sale.  You have many things you have collected over the years and some of these things can be sold in a yard sale for a little money.  Obviously there are things you do not want to get rid of, but for the things that still have value holding a garage sale before you relocate can be quite helpful.

It is not just about getting rid of things you no longer want and getting money for them.  It is also about downsizing what you move and getting new things.  In a new home having new things can make it more fun and enjoyable. Have you had that $10 silverware set since college?  Perhaps your pots and pans were the first set you bought when you married?  These things may be in good enough shape to sell at a garage sale and you can start your new home and life with new things.

You should have a few things ready for the garage sale.  Get some labels and stickers.  This way you can mark things at an appropriate price.  Markers, duct tape, plastic and paper bags, a change box and tables are all important to have when setting up for a garage sale.  The more professional you make it, the better chance you will have of getting stuff sold.  This is because things will have staging and be easy to find. 

Jon Huser

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