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WomanCare Global relocates headquarters

WomanCare Global relocates headquartersWomanCare Global has confirmed that it has moved its US headquarters from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to San Diego, California.  The office move is designed to bring the organization closer to its partners and potential partners, such as those in emerging markets.  Latin America and Asia have both become interested in the company and what it offers.  This is why the office move to San Diego makes sense.  It is certainly closer to Asia and Latin America than North Carolina is.

San Diego contains a number of interested parties that will help the company remain true to its mission.  Global concerns over women are an important mission in which the company seeks to solve the concerns that exist.  The company is involved in women’s health in many areas, including reproductive health.  It hopes to help women around the world.

This is why the business relocation was necessary.  The organization now has more partners and hopes to gain more in the future due to the move.  Some of the workers were given the chance to relocate with the company to ensure a smooth transition.  Other workers did not choose to go with the headquarters, even though they were given a chance.  It opened up a few jobs for the San Diego economy in that employees with proper experience could apply for positions with the new headquarter location.  In the months and years to come even more positions may be open as the company grows larger with new partners and existing partners.

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