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Wildfire in Colorado Springs requires moves

Wildfire in Colorado Springs requires movesEvacuation orders were given to many Colorado Springs residents in the Waldo area.  The nearby highways were also closed, along with many vacation destinations.  It has meant the relocation of many individuals, though it may be temporary for most.

Sadly, for the 11,000 residents in Manitou Springs, Chipita Park, Cascade and Green Mountain Falls, there may be an issue for some.  The fire was over 2,000 acres in area, with some homes already engulfed.  Those who have lost their homes will need to rebuild, or relocate to somewhere else.  Anytime that fire spreads throughout a city like Colorado Springs it can spark a move for some of the residents.  Certainly rebuilding a home burned by fire is an option, especially if they own the land the home was on, but when individuals lose everything there can also be the mindset to move on rather than suffer from the pain of their memories.  With everything lost in a fire there is little to move, making the relocation possible and more affordable.

The fire is one of at least six throughout the state of Colorado.  There will be many residents who are moving temporarily or perhaps permanently due to the fire issues.  Estes Park suffered from a fire on Saturday that has caused damage to at least ten buildings.  The larger fire an hour away in the valley is the second biggest fire in the state and will require long-term relocation for many.

Jon Huser

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