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What to Do on Moving Day

what to do on moving dayYes, moving takes a lot of planning.  Waiting til the last minute just won’t cut it, but there are some things you just have to wait til moving day to do.  Curious?  Here are some tips for what you’ll need to do on moving day but not before.  Believe us; you’ll be happy you read this.

  • Strip your beds when you wake up.  Pack all the bedding into a “load last” box so that it is the first off the truck.
  • Make sure that the delivery date and time are confirmed with the mover.  Double check their driving directions and confirm that they have your direct phone number.  Always keep the destination agent’s name, number, and information with you.
  • Be there when the movers arrive.  If you need to leave for any reason, make sure someone else takes over for you that knows exactly what is going on.
  • Once the movers arrive, go over the paperwork and details.  Accompany the movers as they inspect and tag all of your belongings.
  • Before the moving truck is loaded, spend some time with the movers discussing special instructions, what to load first and last, and if you will be handling anything yourself.
  • As the last box is packed into the truck, do a final inspection of the house.  Has anything been left behind? Don’t sign anything until this has been done.
  • Make sure your vacuum and other cleaning implements are packed last so they are the first off the truck.  You’ll likely want to clean your new home a little right away.

-Katie Steil

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