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What to Do on Move-In Day

Make sure you have a plan for Move-In DayIf you have ever moved, you know that a lot goes into relocating – whether you are moving to a new apartment, another town, or just helping a friend!  Moving can be chaotic and if you’re not properly prepared there is a chance something might be missed.  We want your relocation to be as successful as possible, so we’ve put together a list of moving day tips.  Don’t forget these things on move-in day:

  • Twenty-four hours before the move, the movers will typically contact you to confirm the arrival time as well as your current and new addresses.  If you are unavailable, it is up to you to contact the moving company.
  • Always be there when the moving company representatives arrive.  It is a good idea to hang around while they pack and unpack the moving truck.  This way, if anything is missed or the movers have any questions, you are available.
  • If you cannot be present on moving day, appoint someone to do so in your place.  Your representative should be an adult and able to make important decisions regarding your belongings.  Always let the movers know who this person is.
  • Unless other billing arrangements have been made prior to the relocation, have payment ready.
  • Be sure that all of your utilities have been turned on in your new home.  If not, make sure that you follow up on any delays.
  • Check your phone – is it working in the new house?  It is a good idea to have the phone hooked up a day or two before moving day.  That is, unless you plan to use only cell phones.
  • Make sure there is a pet-friendly room for move-in day.  This way your pets won’t get in the way, lost, or scared during the event.
  • Give your movers a copy of the floor plan so that they know the layout of the new house.  This will make unloading the moving van a lot easier.

Lance Grooms

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