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What to do before you start packing

listYou might think that moving house is simply a case of packing your boxes and going; however, spending a little time on the planning can make the process so much easier.

Why not make a priority packing list? This list will identify which items can be packed first and which should be left until the last minute. Once you know what you are going to take with you, you can work out how many boxes you are going to need. Always add in a few more, as you are always likely to need more boxes than you think.

Gather together the rest of your packing materials. Bubble wrap, newsprint paper, strong packing tape, Ziploc bags and other materials will all be useful to you during the packing process and not having them to hand while you are getting ready to move house could delay the process. Being in the mood to pack boxes and being held up by the lack of suitable materials could make the process drawn out and you could find that you get fed up with it all much sooner.

Think about what you are going to do with your hazardous materials, which include your cleaning products and aerosols. You will be able to use up some of these products before you move house; however, you are likely to want to take some with you. These products should be placed in a box and kept separate from your other possessions to avoid any accidents, spillages or risk of fire.

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