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What to Do 1 Week before Moving

Make sure your ready for your move.The week before you move is the time to tie up any loose ends.  It is a good idea to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything during this period.  Remember, moving can cause a lot of stress and forgetting something at the last minute can be a real nightmare.  We’ve put together a guide to help make sure that you have all your ducks in a row.

  • If you’ll be packing your belongings, make sure that you have all the appropriate moving labels.  Such labels might include “Do Not Load,” “Load Last,” “Load First,” and “Fragile.”  You can get these labels at your local moving store or from your moving company.
  • Pack your suitcases and make sure your travel arrangements are all set up.  Double check flight, hotel, rental car, and other similar reservations.  In case of any unexpected changes, try and keep your travel plans flexible.
  • Ensure that your moving company knows the address of your new home.  Additionally, they should have your phone number in case they need you during the move.
  • A day or two before moving, empty out the fridge and clean it out.  You’ll also want to defrost it.  If you are taking your oven with you, prepare that as well.
  • Pack up a trip kit for moving day.  Inside you should find everything including beverages and snacks, games for the kids, food and water for your pets, and any toiletries you might need.

Good luck & got get ’em.  Your new surroundings await your arrival.

Katie Steil

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