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What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

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Choosing a storage unit can be a daunting task, and who wants that during relocation?  We already know that moving can be stressful, so why add to the strain by worrying about finding a suitable storage unit for your belongings?  If you need to put your things into storage, there are a few general things to keep in mind when trying to figure out what size unit you’ll need.

Remember, most storage facilities will list the square footage of their units.  In order to know what will fit in each unit, you’ll need a good idea of what size room it is.  Check out our guide and get started.

  • 25 Square Feet – This will compare to a hall closet or half bathroom.  You can move small furniture, several boxes, a dresser, and some other small items in this unit.
  • 50 Square Feet – You can compare this to a walk-in closet.  You can fit a sofa, dresser, a chair or two, mattress set, boxes, and small items in this type of unit.
  • 100 Square Feet – This unit is about the size of an average bedroom.  You can move the furniture for a one-bedroom apartment into a unit like this plus a major appliance like a washer, dryer, or fridge.
  • 200 Square Feet – This unit is roughly the size of a one-car garage and can fit everything in the 100 sq. ft. unit plus a bunch of boxes, small house appliances, and more.
  • 350 Square Feet – This unit compares to a long one-car garage and will hold all the furnishings for a 4 or 5-bedroom home plus extras. 

Jon Huser

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