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Wardrobe boxes helpful for packing

Whether you will be moving soon or just need to make room in your old home, wardrobe boxes can be helpful.  As a storage option wardrobe boxes are tall and perfect for lightweight items such as pillows, blankets and comforters.  You can also store clothing that you do not want to leave hanging year round.  These boxes for storage are going to help you make room in a small closet.

For a move these boxes work wonderfully for your clothing and the aforementioned linens.  Wardrobe boxes are meant for light materials and not heavy-duty things.  In other words, you do not want to use the boxes for a full shelf of books.  It may be okay to load the bottom a little heavy with a layer of books, but you definitely do not want these tall boxes to be completely filled with heavy items.  They are best for your wardrobe and linens.

One of the reasons to use these boxes for moving is to have fewer boxes to move.  If you have a lot of clothing, linens, pillows and towels, they can be packed in a few boxes rather than several.  The large boxes filled with light materials can also give you a break from the many small heavy boxes you might have, making the move a little faster and easier on your back.  Make sure you clearly mark what is in each of the boxes and what room the boxes need to go to once the move is complete.

Lance Grooms

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