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Victoria Day in Canada worth understanding

It is worth understanding Victoria Day in CanadaVictoria Day is a holiday observed in Canada.  This year it was meant to be held on Monday 21st to give Canadians a long weekend, though the actual holiday is on May 24th.  May 24th was Queen Victoria’s birthday, which is why it is celebrated as Victoria Day in Canada.  It is always held on a Monday so that Canadians can have a long weekend.  Typically the holiday also falls on the same day or on a similar weekend to the US Memorial Day weekend.  Memorial Day may be the 31st but most companies give a long weekend, making Memorial Day change in terms of celebrations.

Those who wish to celebrate the holiday on the proper day still have a few days, though technically the long weekend is now over.  You can always take this Thursday to celebrate Victoria Day as the proper day by taking an adventure out of Canada to the US.  If you were too busy for the holiday this weekend, you always have the US Memorial Day weekend to go and celebrate as well.

Traveling to a new location to scope out if you want to move is a great way to use a holiday weekend, whether it is Victoria Day or an upcoming holiday.  Relocating to a new city or area of Canada might be on the cards this year, depending on your current employment needs.  Any long weekend is perfect for looking around for a new place to move.

Jon Huser

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