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US military moving terror suspects

US military moving terror suspectsThe European Court of Human Rights has ruled against five suspects of terrorism.  The ruling has made it possible for these individuals to be relocated to the US, even though they claim they will receive poor treatment.  The court stated that they would not get ill treatment, as they will be put in super maximum security prisons if they are shipped to the US.  They will also stand trial in American Courts if this occurs.  The decision has meant that the US military is getting ready for the military move that extradition of terrorist suspects warrants.

There are many suspected terrorists that are fighting US courts regarding extradition, including six suspects from the UK.  All of the suspects are suspected of having ties to Osama bin Laden, according to the European Court of Human Rights.  Whenever extradition occurs, the military is often involved to ensure the safe transfer; many of the suspects need added protection from those who might try to get at them while in transit.  The more police on hand the better when it comes to the transfers of prisoners.  Terrorism is one of the worst issues to be discussed in courts, meaning that there are a lot of enemies out there and also large groups that may want to get their people back.  The relocation, if it happens, will be under extreme guard and with little talk of when the transfer will occur, to ensure safety.

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