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US military discussions about cutbacks

US military discussions about cutbacksTop military officials have gone before the Senate committee about the impact that reducing the military budget could create.  Whenever a war has ended there is a natural sequestration of funds.  Congress and the Senate have to be involved to stop any reduction of military funds.

One of the main concerns is the cancellation of weapons systems and issues with global operations.  Those opposed to the cuts stated that the relaxation of the budget leading to cutbacks on global operations and weapons systems could lead to tests on the American military.  In other words, if the military moving around is restricted due to funding, this could allow potential threats to leak through.  Obviously, this is if those in charge cannot predict how dire the situation would be, but there is definite concern from General Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about reducing the budget and the military moves that can be made with a smaller budget.

In a time when unrest is still easily seen in the Middle East and other countries, both men do not feel it is wise to reduce the budget by enough to lose some valuable abilities in moving about to cut off the threats before they affect the public.  The reason for the cuts is obviously the huge debt the US is under.  The national deficit rose due to the war in Iraq.  President Obama agreed to lower the budget for the military as a way to reduce the deficit.

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