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US military being urged to join Australian Defence Force

Australian Defence Force seeks to recruit members of US MilitaryThe Australian Defence Force is trying to enlist US military men and women due to the fears of US military budget cuts.  The ADF stated that these jobs are not available to Australians and request US military to make a move to the ADF.  This is getting quite a bit of interest because the scheme is offering officers higher pay as well as moving costs.

The military move for these officers has a few in the US who are against it, but the better pay and moving costs have attracted a few officers to at least consider the option.  The Australian Army has vacancies in such things as surveillance and artillery.  The Royal Australian Navy also needs sailors and offices with experience.   In 2014, new skills will be needed as the ADF gains new air warfare destroyers, which Australian military are not trained for.  They do not have the AEGIS weapons expertise, so the ADF is asking for US military who can train in this.

In the US the military budget may be cut by $450 billion, which would leave about 100,000 personnel out of the military.  Mostly, these are civilian employees that face losses as the US tries to cut the deficit they have.  Most of the policy makers and decision heads are grabbing the chance to work with the ADF, highlighting the improved pay and benefits officers can find Down Under.  With relocation costs as a part of the military move to Australia, it seems a good idea.

Author – Rick Wozniak

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