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US keeps watch on China talks

US keeps watch on China talksThe US is facing a tense week, with China in talks with both Iran and North Korea.  This has come on the heels of a Chinese activist who escaped into US protection in Beijing.  The trip made by members of Obama’s presidency was difficult enough without adding in the human rights dispute that opened up.  Politically speaking things are becoming tense in Asia, especially with China.

All of the troubles of late in Asia have the US military ready to move if need be.  Talks within the US about a military move from Japan to Guam and Hawaii are still on hold because a decision cannot be made, especially now that things seem to be heating up with more countries such as North Korea and China.

The US has not released any statements with regards to the activist Chen who may have slipped into the US Embassy.  China has also not commented to the public with regards to Chen’s escape.  Both sides will be discussing the man’s fate this week.  Many are waiting to see what happens, not only with the military move proposed for personnel in Japan but also with the talks about Chen and other politically charged talks scheduled for the week between the US and China.  The talks will have a huge impact on a number of things, including the stock market.  It may fall or rise depending on how the talks go about Chen, elections in China, and trade markets.

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