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United Nations working with Niger, Faso, and Mauritania

United Nations working with Niger, Faso, and MauritaniaThe United Nations is working to relocate refugees who are fleeing from Mali.  These refugees are trying to get out of Mali now that there is some renewed fighting going on.  Many of the people relocating are trying to get away from the border areas in order to save their lives from the conflict in northern Mali.  The conflict is between the government and Tuareg rebels.  Northern Niger has seen many of the refugees seeking relocation.

At this time it is unclear how many have moved thus far, but it is in the thousands.  Makeshift shelters are being made to protect against the hot days and cold nights.  The health situation could also decline, causing issues with things such as malaria, diarrhea and respiratory infection.  At this juncture there are only mild health problems that the UN wants to keep in hand.

Medical agencies are in Niger helping with the situation to keep it in hand.  Refugees have stated they are reluctant to move, but want their families to be safe.  They hope to relocate back home once the security situation gets better.  There are still some people waiting to see if the situation gets any worse.  If it does, they are prepared to cross the border into Niger to seek safety.  Most of the people relocating right now are women and children.  It may be that the Niger government and UN will need to set up settlements further in country to get refugees away from the border.


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