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Understanding VE Day

Understand more about VE DayMay 8th 2012 marked another holiday, which is known as VE Day. Victory in Europe Day marks the same day back in 1945 when World War II allies were able to get the Nazi armed forces to surrender.  It was a military move that will be remembered for centuries, as it put an end to the Second World War terrorizing Europe.  The official surrender was not made until the 9th, but on the 8th everything was pretty much over and there was just the wait for all forces to recognize the end.  Hitler was already dead as of April 30th, thus the announcement was not going to be far behind.  The Nazi forces knew the end was already there.

The holiday is still celebrated in Europe with numerous celebrations, while the US makes mention of the holiday but may not recognize it as a bank holiday.  Most that served in the armed forces or had family in the US military at the time of WWII tend to celebrate the holiday more, with remembrances of their family members.  There are still a few veterans alive that served in WWII, so they also take the day to remember how the US forces, along with Britain and other allied forces, were able to obtain victory over the last of the Nazi army and the second in command who stepped up when Hitler committed suicide.  It was actually his replacement who announced the end of the war and submitted to the allied forces.

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