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Tucson should recruit from Los Angeles County

Tucson should recruit from Los Angeles CountyThose moving from Tucson and surrounding areas might be leaving because of economic struggles.  Traditionally, Tucson has been a place for retirees.  It does have numerous businesses and college students, but when many think about Tucson they think retirement.  It is also near a military base, which is about an hour south.

There was recently a news post in which officials stated that they should focus on Los Angeles County in order to get companies and many others to relocate to the area.  It was stated that Los Angeles is now considered the worst place to do business, due to the high cost of things and taxes.  If Tucson wants economic development, officials stated that it should recruit those who may be moving to its doorsteps.

Those who have moved from Los Angeles recently have headed towards Virginia, essentially trading coasts.  These long distance moves are fine if they are affordable with full service professionals helping out on the relocation, but if there is a better option, such as a city looking for economic development close by, this could be an answer.  It may also mean some residents will not have to move if new businesses relocate to the area.  In the event that you still have to move from your current home, a full service company offering moving options can be one of the easiest ways to reduce your stress and get the move completed without too much difficultly.  Moving packages include packing, crating and hauling.

Jon Huser

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