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Top college moving tips

Students will be preparing to move to college over the next couple of months, many of them for the first time.  There are a number of tips, reminders and hints that should not be overlooked during what can often be a difficult and stressful time. Packing in order to move to college is a big task, and August is such a generally warm month that warmer items can often be forgotten in the rush.  Be sure to pack warm socks and coats for the colder months ahead.  Nor should you forget professional socks, as there is little that will make a worse impression than going to a meeting or job interview wearing odd socks or novelty socks!

Before the relocation make sure that you let friends and members of your family know how much they mean to you.  Spend a day together, grab lunch together, have a heart to heart, or at least write them a note; find some way to reach out to everyone that is important in your life before you leave.  Stress levels and emotions will be high in the days before leaving and forgotten friends will feel slighted. 

Even if it is a short commute from college, once the semester gets intense around the end of September then visiting home will be difficult. Another good tip is to update your wardrobe.  Make sure that you pack respectable professional clothing for presentation days and internship interviews, and you might even want to hold a garage sale to sell old clothing and raise cash for the early days of college.

Lance Grooms

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