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Top 15 Moving Tips You Probably Won’t Think About

Cleaning Implements for cleaning your old homeSure, you’ve probably read article after article about how to plan for a long distance move with topics ranging from how to find a reputable moving company to how to pack your boxes to what time of year to move.  But, have you really thought of everything?  Probably not.  In an effort to minimize the pain and frustration associated with moving, we’ve listed some of the best moving tips you probably wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.

  1. Book your moving company two to four weeks before your moving day.
  2. Moving companies cannot transport ammunition, gasoline, flammables, or explosives.  So make arrangements for these prior to your moving day.
  3. Once you decide to move, clean out your closest, basement, and attic.
  4. Schedule disconnect times to coincide with your departure.
  5. Cancel newspapers, pest control, maid service, and lawn services a week or so prior to moving.
  6. Submit your change of address forms about two weeks before you move.
  7. Don’t get rid of your children’s favorite things before the move – they may need them to help ease the transition throughout the relocation.
  8. Get snacks for the moving day.
  9. Get enough cash for moving day.
  10. Don’t forget to transfer school records for your kids.
  11. Say good-bye to friends and family before you move, not on moving day.
  12. If your friends are helping you move, make a back-up plan just in case.
  13. Pack the stereo/iPod/iHome etc last – this way you have music to listen to as you pack.
  14. Keep a broom, mop, and some simple cleaning supplies handy before you move out.
  15. For goodness sake don’t pack all the toilet paper until you leave!

– Jon Huser

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