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Tips for moving your houseplants

HouseplantBelieve it or not, taking your houseplants to a new home involves more than simply packing them and setting off. First of all you need to be aware that your moving company may not be permitted to move your plants along with your other belongings; therefore, you need to find out if this applies.

You should also be aware that you might not be able to take your plants with you if you are planning an international move. If this is the case you will need to find your plants another home – there will nearly always a friend or relative who will be happy to take them in for you. This is something you need to find out in advance before you try to take your plants with you; otherwise, you may find them confiscated at the border.

Another consideration is that on a long distance move your plants may be without food and sunlight for a long time since they could be locked up inside the moving van.   Possible temperature changes could also affect the health of your plants during a move. If the plants are hearty they may survive but understanding that you are subjecting them to a stressful voyage may make you change your mind about taking them.

If you can take your house plants with you, all you have to do to prepare them for the move is to obtain some strong boxes, line them with a thick plastic and put the pots in. Pack the gaps between the pots with bubble wrap or another form of cushioning so that the plants do not move around while they are in transit. Put the boxes of plants on the back seat of the car if possible: if you have taller plants, these can be placed on the floor.


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