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Tips for long-term storage of clothes

Clothes On a RackIf you are going to be using long-term storage then you need to make sure that all your clothes are protected. There are a number of environmental conditions that can leave such items vulnerable to damage and here are a few tips to help your clothes to survive a long stay in your moving company’s storage facilities.

The first tip, which may sound a little obvious, is to wash and iron your clothes before packing them away for storage. If you have any marks or stains on your clothes and leave them for a long time, they can become very difficult to remove.

You can save on space by using the popular vacuum seal bags. These are plastic bags into which you pack your clothes and then simply vacuum the air out. These may not be the most suitable packing bags for long-term storage, as the fibers of the clothes are deprived of the air they need to maintain their structure. If you are only using the storage for a few months then this should not be a problem; however, if you will be leaving your things in moving company storage for a few years then you may notice some damage when you return.

It is recommended that you use air-tight plastic containers with a lid for long-term storage. In this way the clothes will be protected from any damp air, and mold and mildew will not take hold. Plastic bags should be avoided, as these can encourage the fabrics to yellow over time.


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