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The stages of an office move

The stages of an office moveProfessional movers can provide you with the best timeline for an office move.  When you want to prepare for your move, it is important that you begin as early as possible to ensure a successful and complete move.  Those who are moving should make certain that they have a full service package so that things will go more smoothly, and they should have a good idea of the timeline.

It can take a long time to find a new office space.  This includes the time it takes to find the new office and work on the contract.  It can take another one to two weeks before the new lease terms are signed. You will want to make certain that there are no legal issues with moving, such as ending the lease you have now and ensuring that your new lease documents are accurate.  It could take four to eight weeks for any legal issues.  Any changes to the new office may also take four to eight weeks, depending on the amount of work needed. You should plan on four to six weeks for your IT and phone systems to be put in place.  You will need these systems in place before the office move to ensure that everything is ready for the physical move, which may take two to four weeks.  With movers you can probably eliminate some of the time on the actual move.  Movers will pack up the old office, do the heavy lifting, and transport your belongings to the new location for unpacking.

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