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The right environment for long-term storage of documents

Full Service Storage Facility my BekinsSometimes items you need to put into long-term storage are not in danger of being broken but may face other challenges. Your moving company storage services should include advice on how to store valuable documents correctly and you also need to make sure that your documents are going into the right environment.

The temperature is a consideration for documents that are being placed into long-term storage. It is recommended that the temperature is no lower than 18°C and there should also be fairly low humidity. Stability of the environment is very important because fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause a great deal of damage to paper. Talk to your moving company about the ambient temperature in its storage facilities to work out whether this is suitable for your documents.

If you are storing your documents in cardboard boxes then it is recommended that you use corrugated boxes, as they offer better protection for documents being placed in long-term moving company storage.

You should also make sure that there is no overexposure to light. UV light can be damaging to paper and lighting by fluorescent tubes can also be a problem, but only if it is directly onto the papers. Using a storage unit with no windows is the best option to shield the papers from natural light; if there are windows, find out whether there are blinds or shields that can be used.


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