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The Onion undergoes office relocation

The Onion undergoes office relocationThe Onion is well known for its fake news, with 24 years of tradition behind the humorous creativity that is the newspaper.  Unfortunately, the company has recently decided on business relocation.  This has created an issue among its staff.  There are some that are not willing to move with to the new office.  The paper has decided to leave Wisconsin University to return to its mid-western location.  At first it may seem like a joke, considering The Onion’s usual repertoire of humor articles and fake news; however, it is the truth.  There are some employees that will not move to Chicago with the new operations.

The office move will happen quickly, with quite a few of the staff members electing to move during the business relocation.  For those who do not want to uproot their families and lives, there is no news yet on whether they can keep their jobs.  There is every chance that the newspaper will want to have all staff members in the new offices and thus they may need to hire new employees in the local area.  Alternatively, there is the convenience of the internet, whereby the staff members can still work on publications using the cloud and email to talk with staff members at headquarters.  With the ability to stay in touch no matter where one is, it could mean that some of the employees do not have to move in order to stay on.

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