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The office move – sorting out your desk

Office desktop in background roomEven if your desk looks fairly tidy, there are bound to be items tucked away that you have forgotten about and will not want to take with you to the new office; therefore, you need to sort out your desk sooner rather than later.

The first thing is to deal with what is on top of your desk. There are two types of people who work in offices – those who cannot bear anything to be on top of their desk apart from whatever they are currently working on and those who have everything on top of their desk so it is within easy reach.

If you are the former, you are probably also the type of person that jams everything into the desk drawers so it is out of the way. Your boss may be looking at your desk thinking that you are going to pose no problems for packing when it comes to the commercial relocation, but you know differently! Sort out each drawer as soon as you can, discarding old pens, bits of scrap paper, random paper clips and items such as that old folder you kept ‘just in case’.

If you are the sort that keeps everything on their desk, the sooner you start clearing it the sooner your boss knows that you are playing your part in this move; again, make sure that everything that needs to be filed has been put away so that it can be found again when the office move is complete. Next pack your own desk paraphernalia – pens, staplers, hole punch, etc. – into a box clearly marked with your name.


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