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The leap of the year

The leap of the yearLeap year always means we have one extra day in the year to catch up on life.  The question is: what will you do with your leap day?  The answer may be very simple.  Hotels, theme parks, restaurants and many other places are going to offer some great deals for Leap Day.  On February 29th you could find yourself an affordable hotel in a city you have considered moving to.  For example, if you are considering relocation for your retirement next year, you might want to check out the city in Florida, Arizona, or anywhere else that has caught your attention.  Perhaps you are interested in finding land and a home that is away from any large city?  If that is the case, you might find Montana is a place to move or retire.

With the variety of specials out there for holidays, it is very easy to find one that will fit your needs while you check out the new place you want to move to.  If you already have a place you want to move and intend on moving at the end of February then you have earned an extra day to make that move happen this year.  You can use February 29th as an extra day to pack in order to move in to your new apartment on the 1st.  This extension of the month is certainly one that provides you with 24 whole hours more in the year than you normally have, so taking advantage of it is important.

Jon Huser

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