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The advantages of double boxing

Getting a new place to live or a new job in a new location is a major event in life; however, before you get there and can start enjoying the benefits of this transition, the first thing is to move all the items you own.  Moving your possessions is a serious business and needs to be done very carefully. Upon making the decision to move we have to balance the amount of time we will spend doing so with the effectiveness and the financial cost. 

Another important consideration is safety.  Not only are dull, monolithic items being moved but also complicated pieces of hardware equipment and items that are fragile in nature.  Without proper protection these items can be exposed to a number of dangers and their structural integrity can be compromised all too easily during the process of sorting, as well as during collisions, over the road impacts, and other unfortunate incidents.

One very smart method of greatly diminishing the impact of such events is to make use of double boxing.  Double boxing uses two boxes: the original packaging and another shipping container.  The original box must still be in very good condition, with intact foam and no cracks.  It is vital that the load remains static inside the container and that the second box is wider, longer and higher than the original one, with the original placed inside the new box for the move. This method is now widely used and has achieved very successful results with fragile porcelain or electronic items.


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