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Tennessee and Virginia Are Great Places to Move

Move To Tennessee and VirginiaFor anyone wanting to make a fresh start in the southern part of the United States, Tennessee and Virginia are perfect places to move!  This is especially true of the northeastern parts of Tennessee and the southwestern sections of Virginia; Kingsport-Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia to be exact.
First of all, this region is ideal for the music lover.  Did you know that the tri-cities region of Tennessee and Virginia is the birthplace of some of the country’s first-ever country music recordings?  The Blue Ridge Mountains are well known for this fact, as they are for their beauty.  So, if you love the history of country music, you might like to move here.

Though not as thriving as Nashville in the music industry, the Kingsport-Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia area is booming in other sectors.  Some of the largest employers in the region include Eastman Chemical Company, Holston Army Ammunition, and Domtar Corporation.
In an effort to encourage more people to move to the area, Kingsport and some of the other surrounding cities are boosting its economy through the education of its residents.  What does this mean, exactly?  Well, the city currently offers a four-year scholarship for a few of its high school graduates each year.
With a population of just over 300,000 the Kingsport-Bristol and Bristol areas have just enough of the small-town charm mixed with metropolitan culture to make the relocation appealing to many different types of people.  The job growth in the area is at about 5% with a per capita income of about $30,319.

Jon Huser

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