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Temporary international relocation to help

Temporary international relocation to helpMexico has suffered from a 7.4 earthquake.  This has left thousands of homes damaged and several injured.  About 500 homes were damaged during the earthquake.  This means that there is a large need for families to rebuild as well as regain their lives that have been altered due to the earthquake.  As of yet there are no serious injuries or deaths reported, but there are still many areas to go through.  There were even 800 homes in Igualapa.  This was further from the epicenter of the earthquake.  Anyone with a construction background could temporarily relocate to the areas most affected by the earthquake to help out.

Emergency crew help is also something that may be needed in the next few days.  Good Samaritans who wish to help out might want to consider international relocation, even on a temporary basis, to help those in need.  The quake was close to the capital city.  This means it was not that far from California and other southern states.  The high magnitude could have also sparked other natural disaster issues.  Luckily nothing like this has happened, but the fact is that relocating to help out temporarily is something that may be of interest; it would certainly be of help to those who have to rebuild their homes and lives because of the earthquake.  When something of this magnitude happens in the US, we often rush to help.  There is definitely a requirement for help, considering that a total of more than 1,300 houses collapsed.

Jon Huser

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