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Taylor Swift top on the Forbes list

Taylor Swift top on the Forbes listForbes has just released a list of the highest paid celebrities under the age of 30.  Taylor Swift came out on the top of this list.  She was followed by Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

In total six female stars have made the top ten list, and four of them are in the top five.  Swift is just 22 years old, which is younger than Lady Gaga and Rihanna.  She even beat out Justin Bieber with her earnings.  By the end of May it was estimated that she has earned $57 million for the year.  The singers have managed to earn about $1 million per concert and three of the four albums these singers have released are at least platinum.  Bieber managed to get second place with $55 million.  He is just 18.  Not all of their earnings are made from their concerts and albums.  Much of their earnings are from product endorsements, such as Justin Bieber’s endorsement of the Proactiv skincare line.

Rihanna was just ahead of Lady Gaga with $53 million.  Rihanna is now 24 and Lady Gaga is 26.  Rihanna has just finished an 85-night concert tour.  She also gained a few more endorsement deals.  Lady Gaga is in fourth place, probably due to the deadline of May for earnings.  She has not started her world tour yet.  She has at least $53 million for the year as of May, which is lower than the $90 million she grossed last year for the same period.

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