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Taylor Swift looking to move to London for love

Taylor Swift looking to move to London for loveTaylor Swift is looking to relocate to London so that she can be close to Harry Styles.  The singer has apparently started looking for houses to move to in the United Kingdom and would allegedly prefer to find one near to the luxury home in the city’s Primrose Hill area that the One Direction star – with whom she has been romantically linked since her split from Conor Kennedy – purchased earlier in 2012.

“Taylor says the reason things fizzled out between them last time was because they had no time together,” a source apparently told LOOK magazine.  “I’m sure their recent contact is behind her sudden enthusiasm to buy in London.  She says they’ll be able to pick up where they left off.  She has even asked Harry if he’ll look at some places with her, since he knows the area.” The source claims, however, that the 18-year old-singer is unlikely to be too impressed with the idea, adding: “I’m not sure how Harry will cope if Taylor does move in down the road”.

If the 22-year-old star does indeed purchase a house in London in order to be near Styles, it will not be the first time that her relocation plans have been influenced by romance.  The successful singer spent $4.9 million on a 13-room property located in Hyannis Port in Massachusetts three months ago, which is across the street from the grandmother of Conor Kennedy.


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