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Take Your Daughter to Work Day is just around the corner

Take Your Daughter to Work Day is just around the cornerThere is an official day called Take Your Daughter to Work Day.  Technically, it can also be called Take Your Son to Work Day, but on April 26th if you have a daughter you can certainly take her out of school and take her to work.  You might not want to do this if your office will undergo a business relocation, but if you have a chance to sit with your daughter and show her what you do, so much the better.

On Take Your Daughter to Work Day, you will need to clear it with your supervisor, unless you are the business owner.  Your daughter will most likely appreciate being out of school for the day, even if she has to learn a little about your job.  Of course, you may find that your daughter has already been to work with you, so she might be slightly less interested in following you and more interested in following others at the office.

If you do want to take your daughter to work with you, consider the program that is also available.  There is an option of getting your daughter into a work foundation in which you can get official merchandise to remember the day.  Also consider that if she went with mom last year, she could visit dad’s workplace this time around.  Even accompanying an older brother who works, a grandparent or friend of a parent can be acceptable for Take Your Child to Work Day.

Jon Huser

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