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T-Mobile cutting jobs and closing call centers

T-Mobile cutting jobs and closing call centersT-Mobile intends on creating competitive costs for its consumers.  This apparently means cutting jobs and closing seven call centers.  The seven offices have 3,300 employees.  They are located all over the US in places such as Florida, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and Oregon.  When the facilities are closed it will mean a loss of 1,900 jobs; however, since there are 3,300 employed at these facilities, some of the jobs will be spared.  For those able to retain their jobs it will mean employee relocation.

They will have to conduct an office move to one of the remaining T-Mobile call centers.  The company stated that it would actually hire as many as the 1,400 people for the 17 other call centers.  This is encouraging for business relocation.  Relocation assistance will be offered to those undergoing the change.  There is every possibility that after a few months when the initial moves are complete the company may find more than 1,400 positions.

The company is also asking for those who wish to move.  They are not about to force relocation, but instead are asking for volunteers.  Anyone who does not want to transfer can take the severance pay and outplacement aid.  Workers will also have access to a career coach.  Employees have three months to decide if they are going to move, as that will be how long the seven call centers will remain open.  The company is stating that it hopes for decisions to be made fairly fast.

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