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Syria government denies killings

Syria government denies killingsInternational outrage has demanded a look into the recent Syrian killings.  It has also had many people asking if the US military will move into the area to help.  More than 90 people are dead due to gunmen attacks in Syrian villages.  The last attack occurred on Friday, but there has been a good 15 months of uprising in the area.  The UN has made a statement saying that 32 children, all under the age of 10, were among those killed.

If nothing else, it does make one hope for a military move in purely a protective capacity for these villagers who are being slaughtered for no reason.  The UN Security Council is in emergency sessions right now to discuss what happened, and to plan what to do if the killings continue.  It may mean that the US military will move into a ‘ready’ position to make certain that it can go in for protection if this is what is needed.

Most of the US military has moved out of the Middle East to ally countries in order to keep the peace, as a result of agreements in place now that the main instigators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been stopped.  The UN did announce that it will send an observer party first before making any decisions regarding military moves, so most people are waiting to hear what will happen and whether more military will be needed after the observations have been made.

Jon Huser

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