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SXSW in Austin, Texas may be a reason to move

SXSW in Austin, Texas may be a reason to moveSouth by Southwest, or SXSW, is a five-day concert of music that lasts for 24 hours a day. The nightly showcases and days full of parties are certainly one reason to either visit Austin or consider moving there.  Each year they have 2,000 plus acts on stage.  Acts can include Jay-Z-level performances or something more like Lydia Loveless. Often the headliners earn as much as $50,000 just for being at some of the parties and performing a song or two.

Music in Austin, Texas is something that is definitely going to be a welcome for anyone who may undergo company relocation or just wish to move to the city.  Austin is one of the largest cities in Texas with a huge financial district and many shops.  The point is that there may be employment in this city.  The added benefit of finding such a huge festival makes you think twice about saying no to Austin, Texas.

Any upcoming holiday would be a good opportunity to visit the city to see if a move is worth considering.  Though the festival is coming to an end this week, there is always next year to plan for unless you need to relocate right away. Usually one thinks of Los Angeles, New York City or Nashville for music, but the Austin festival SXSW makes you think twice, especially if you have been thinking about a move to Texas.  Now you have a destination to consider.

Jon Huser

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