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Support available during your military move

Packing boxesSometimes planning a military move can make you feel isolated; however, this is not the case. There is plenty of support and assistance available during a military move – all you have to do is make the most of it.

There will always be workshops and briefings at the time of a military move, which will cover topics such as making the transition from one base to another, preparing for the move, and moving with children. These PCS briefings should not be missed when you are moving in the military, as they will give you a lot of essential information and help you not to make any expensive and incorrect decisions.

There will also be plenty of settling-in services at your new base. There are often tours available of the local area and you can usually borrow a number of basic household items to use until your own furniture and other possessions arrive. If you have been posted overseas, these services may even include language training.

Transition training is also available for your final military move, as you are likely to need support if you are going back to civilian life. There are several tasks that you will need to complete before you leave the military and the support available can help to get you through this. Make sure that you take advantage of any help available so that you and your family can make the transition seamlessly.   


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