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Summer is busy for service men and women

Summer is busy for service men and womenDuring the summer months there seems to be more military relocation than at any other time of the year.  Since military moving is something that often happens in the summer there are definitely plenty of service men and women getting new orders.  For those who may be in the military it is important to get the move date as soon as possible so that the moving company can be hired without any delay in the shipment of belongings.

A reputable moving company is needed to make certain that the belongings arrive on time.  There is a reason that many of the new orders are also given in summer.  It is not because there is more time for moving companies, but because of children that may be a part of the military move the service men and women must undergo.

The DOD realizes that children will be out of school during the summer.  This is usually the best time for a move to be conducted.  Children can say goodbye to their friends and settle in to their new home before needing to start the new school year.  A move can be stressful enough for military children but to do so in the middle of school can make it worse.  It seems the change to orders being given during summer months is trying to make things more convenient for the military personnel, even if some moving companies will be a little busier because of it.

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