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Storage Tips for Your Move

Considered using storage units?Did you know that people often require a storage solution during a move?  There are many different reasons why someone might need storage during a move.  Regardless of why you might need a storage space, you need to consider your options before selecting a solution.  We thought we’d make the job a little easier on you – here’s a list of storage tips that you may find helpful during your next relocation.

  • Plan ahead.  If you are placing all of your belongings in storage, keep frequently used items in the front of the unit in case you need to access them.
  • Create a simple map that shows where your items are placed in the storage unit.
  • Cover up your furniture to protect it from moisture and dust.
  • Think upright.  A really good way to make the most of your storage unit is to stack from floor to ceiling and to start from the back.
  • Be careful!  Use a ladder or a stool and never over-reach as you pack up your storage unit.
  • If you can break furniture down, do it and save space.
  • Double up on your space by using your refrigerator and other appliances to store smaller items like towels, books, and other similar things.
  • Make sure you leave enough space in your storage unit for ventilation.

While these aren’t all the tips you should keep in mind when preparing to store your items, this is a good start.  If you need a storage unit during your relocation, always do your homework and compare several facilities before making your final choice.

Lance Grooms

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