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Moving & Storage Service Solutions

Sometimes you can’t move into your new place right away and you need quality moving storage services. Looking for a reputable storage company can be a tiring process. Bekins Moving Solutions is your one-stop moving solution center. We are happy to store all your belongings safely while you concentrate on the intricacies of your move. We aren’t just your average storage facility. We take pride in our high standard of cleanliness, safety, and security. You can stop by any of our warehouses to see what we are talking about, but just to be clear: you can’t stay there. It is truly so nice that people want to move in. But that isn’t allowed, so visits only, please!

Our Moving Storage Services Include:


Protection and Care

We offer flat rate pick-up and delivery fees that make your move much more affordable. No more guessing with price ranges and estimates. We like to be straightforward with everything you will be charged for. We swaddle your furniture with soft quilted blankets to protect them from any scuffing or scratching. Bedtime stories are optional. Rain or shine, we can help you move. We have a specialized “vault” trailer that is designed to keep your things dry when loading or unloading your home. No matter what, we will keep all your possessions safe and clean while under our care.

Commercial Storage

Bekins Moving Solutions provides top-notch commercial storage services for all our commercial clients. From general storage to inventory management, we have you covered. Let us know how we can help you in both the short term and long term with your business storage needs.

Complete inventory and asset management

From start to finish, our professionals can handle shipping, receiving, inventory, and more. We routinely handle large shipments of a wide variety of items. Nothing is too big or small for Bekins Moving Solutions to handle. We know how frustrating it is to need answers and be unable to communicate directly with the people responsible for your asset management. Our trained inventory experts will always be a phone call away to answer any question or concern. If quality customer service is at the top of your list, you only have one choice: Bekins Moving Solutions!

24-hour secured facilities with updated fire protection

Storing your items securely has never been easier. Our 24-hour secured facilities are guarded with modern state-of-the-art technology that will prevent even the most creative of break-in attempts. We have a specially trained professional staff of security experts that provide constant monitoring of your inventory. You can rest easy that when your items are in our care, they are safe and secure.

Temperature controlled storage facilities

As an experienced storage company, we know that different items require different care. Fragile or sensitive equipment may need to be kept at a stable temperature. Bekins Moving Solutions has temperature-controlled storage facilities that will keep your items in an optimal environment for long-term or short-term storage. Don’t leave your most valued items at the mercy of the weather. Keep your inventory in a facility that is committed to maintaining a stable and comfortable temperature that will preserve even your most delicate items.

Consolidation and distribution

To improve your organization’s efficiency, it is best to elicit the help of professionals. As a successful company, Bekins Moving Solutions knows how to keep operations moving smoothly. We can help your business with consolidation, distribution, and everything in-between. We are dedicated to helping small, mid-sized, and large organization with everything they need to succeed. Let us know how we can handle all your consolidation and distribution needs.

Vault, pallet, cage, and rack storage options

Keeping your inventory organized is key to effective business practices. Bekins Moving Solutions can help with a whole array of vault, pallet, cage, and rack storage options for your organization. No more searching high and low for a particular SKU. Our team at Bekins Moving Solutions can help match you with the perfect storage options to keep your items accessible and organized.

Floor level leased space

Sometimes you just need a little space, and sometimes you need a lot. No matter what square footage your business requires, Bekins Moving Solutions can assist you. We have floor level leased space to accommodate your inventory and equipment needs. First, give our storage team a call and we will offer the wide variety of floor level leased spaces that we offer. Don’t feel constrained to a small space when you can expand your possibilities with Bekins Moving Solutions.

Forklift Access

When you are running a business, you need access to the right tools and equipment. Purchasing a forklift is often not in the books for many smaller companies. Bekins Moving Solutions offers forklift access to our clients who have specific inventory and storage needs. Our fleet is available for your use when and where you need it!

Office and modular furniture storage

Whether you are moving offices, downsizing, or needing some extra office storage space, Bekins Moving Solutions can help. We offer office and modular furniture storage to keep your office extras safe and secure. Moving an office is difficult enough without having a ton of extra furniture lying around. Let us take the clutter out of your office and keep it out of the way until it is useful again. Free up some space and save yourself the stress. Just call Bekins Moving Solutions for quality office and modular furniture storage.

High-value product and fine art storage

When you have invested time and money into a high-value product, you don’t want to trust just any company to store it. Bekins Moving Solutions is the leading provider of fine art and high-value item storage in the country. Our temperature-controlled facilities are perfectly equipped to keep your valued belongings in flawless condition. We have 24-hour monitored secure facilities with state-of-the-art security systems. You will have the peace of mind that your high-value items will stay put and stay as pristine as the day they went into storage.

Sensitive or calibrated equipment storage

When you own a company that uses specially calibrated or particularly sensitive equipment, you know how important proper storage practices are. The wrong storage environment can mean your equipment needs recalibration or even replacement, which can be devastatingly expensive. It is important that before choosing a storage company for your specialty equipment that you thoroughly research to ensure you find the right fit. Bekins Moving Solutions is the leader of sensitive of specially calibrated equipment storage. We have decades of experience storing high-valued medical and scientific equipment and have established a reputation of accuracy and quality. Just let us show you why we are organization’s number one choice for specialty storage.

Space reservation

There is nothing worse than not being able to plan storage for your organization. You want to make sure you have the space necessary to run your business they way you need to. Bekins Moving Solutions offers convenient space reservations so you will know we will have room for your inventory when you need it. Don’t feel the stress because of the uncertainty of storage space. Call the storage experts at Bekins Moving Solutions and reserve your space in our secure warehouses today!

How long will an in-home estimate take?

Because we know that your moving budget matters, Bekins Moving Solutions  offers a free, no-obligation in-home estimate for your storage. The in-home estimate time will vary depending on the size of your home and how much you would like to move into storage. Generally, estimates don’t take more than half an hour unless you have unique or specific needs. If you have any specific questions about the time it will take for your home, feel free to contact one of our customer representatives for more details regarding our storage evaluation services.

What type of packing services do you offer?

We are a full-service moving company, which means we can help you with every aspect of your move, including packing. Our company can provide you with packing supplies in addition to professional packers who can help get your entire home ready to put your items into storage. No more scouring the classifieds for free boxes! We can provide you with high-quality boxes that will protect your items throughout the entirety of your move and will last during the duration you have your items in storage. Our packing services can be added to any commercial or residential move.

Can I purchase extra protection for my storage plan?

We do not offer or refer to insurance providers, but rather offer valuation protection. There is a big difference between valuation and insurance. Valuation protection provides you with the ability to recoup losses due to legal liability on the part of the movers. This differs from insurance that covers both liability and any acts of God that occur during your move. We have various plans that range from 0.60 per pound to full coverage for damages. Our customers can choose the plan that best fits their needs.

If you would like more information about our moving storage services, call Bekins Moving Solutions at (877) 594-1187. We are happy to assist you with your move!