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Storage options when you need full service

Storage options when you need full serviceWhat does full service storage mean?  What is the difference from other storage opportunities?  Who is full service storage best for?  These questions might be something you have rolling around in your mind when you come to a point of needing a place to store your precious items.

If you have never explored full service storage before then you might want to learn about the services offered, such as inventory management for commercial full service storage.  Commercial clients can also find consolidation, distribution, vault, pallet, and rack storage, along with floor level leased space.  Forklift access, asset management, and furniture storage are also some of the services offered in terms of full service storage and commercial buildings.

During your next office move you might be able to benefit from full service storage, such as storing your artwork if you have decided to change a couple of the office photos or prints that you have hanging.  Any time that you have high value products that you do not have the space to store onsite, you can use storage facilities.  Long term and short term lease options are possible for offices in terms of an office move that may take a few months to complete, or equipment that needs to be stored more often than it is currently used.  There are certainly many options for the budget and needs of your office in terms of getting things stored safely and within your limitations of distance and budget.

Jon Huser

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