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Spring break is a precursor to moving out of the dorms

Spring break is a precursor to moving out of the dormsUnless you have decided to go to school year round or chosen a university that allows you to remain in the dorms over the summer term, you will have to become a mover again and relocate your belongings to a different place.  If you do not intend on going home, finding off-campus housing is your best choice. It may be more affordable to have a few friends move in with you.

Continuing students at some universities are able to access the campus dorms year round and even on holidays; however, some campuses even close for spring break, requiring you to go home with whatever you require.  It may be a good time to take a few of your belongings that you intend on moving back home during the summer break.

There is one important consideration about spring break and the possible move you may need to make.  Spring break can be the perfect week or two weeks to find a new place to relocate during summer.  Basically, you can stick around the college or university and check the different apartments off campus.  By planning ahead you and your movers can get your dorm cleared as soon as the summer break starts.  You can also ease any worries about having to return home if you look for a place to live and a job near your university.  Spring break can be about partying and also planning for the summer break.

Jon Huser

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