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Richard Dawson of Hogan’s Hero dies

Richard Dawson of Hogan’s Hero diesHogan’s Hero may be a show you did not see if you are young, but for those who grew up with the invention of the television this actor was someone to be remembered, especially for his game show hosting.  Richard Dawson was diagnosed with cancer and died soon after.  His family is quite shocked at the speed of the illness.  He had esophageal cancer, according to his children.  He was mostly remembered for Family Feud, though he was also on other shows such as Hogan’s Hero.  His son Gary stated to the media that it happened quickly with his death on Saturday night.  He did not have to suffer through treatments and all the pain that treatments can bring, so in a way his son said it was a bit of a blessing.

Dawson was 79 and died of a heart attack during his first radiation cancer treatment.  Gary Dawson was the son of Richard’s first marriage to Diana Dors, a star in the 50s.  The marriage lasted for seven years.  Dors was often compared to Marilyn Monroe.  She was 52 when she died in the 80s of ovarian cancer.  Shannon was Richard’s daughter from his second marriage.  She also told the media that there were no signs of his condition.  Shannon is the daughter of Gretchen Johnson, who married Richard in 1991.  Mark was the second son of Richard and Dors, and was with his father during his final moments.

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