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Relocation stress can be lessened

Relocation stress can be lessenedRelocation is highly stressful due to more than changing your address.  You have to make new friends, work with new coworkers, and learn your way around a new city if you undergo a long distance move.  Before you even begin the move, it is a good idea to examine what will make you happy and who you are.  It may seem trite but writing this all out, such as answering questions like “Can I still be the same person?” can help you to prepare for the move.  Mental stability will lessen your stress during any long distance move.

When you buy a new car you do not just go around the block, but go out to test the speed on freeways and change up the roads a little.  You will want to look at the place you are thinking of relocating to make the move easier.  If you test out the destination, the people, and some of the entertainments of the area, it will help you settle in when you finally make that long distance move.

You might want to pack your emotional first aid kit first.  Rather than thinking about all that needs to be packed, get some of the little things out of the way and go through your belongings for what you will or will not keep.  These steps can make your relocation a lot easier and definitely less stressful.  You may feel a few are a bit silly, but these tips definitely help.

Jon Huser

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