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Relocation of 140 villagers

Relocation of 140 villagersSometime we choose when we move, but there are 140 villagers who are unable to choose to move.  They will have to relocate due to a flood in Cakaudrove, Fiji.  The village, Navunidogoloa, is moving now that groundwork has been completed.  About 30 households will move with a population of 140 people.  They will be relocated to Kenani.  This is about a kilometer inland from the original location.  The hope is to protect the people from any flooding that may occur again.

It is the first settlement that has moved since Vanua Levu.  The sea level has been rising in recent months.  This is why officials have felt it necessary to move the village rather than wait for flooding to happen and damage to occur, or even lives lost.  The move has cost $130,000 since 30 houses will be constructed, each with a value of $15,000.

The new location offers a safer location and also one that is safety and health oriented.  The village is now closer to the main road, with projects such as electrification based on a solar system.  The new site also offers better water supply to help villagers live safely instead of risking their lives.  Another two villages may have to move due to flooding if the sea level rises any more.  Officials are keeping a watch on the villages close to the flood plain and where they may be able to move the people if needed.  If the other villages move, it will be to higher ground.

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