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Relocating for greener purposes

Relocating for greener purposesEating wholesome food created by hard work, and now pesticides, is a current trend.  Anyone who wants the best farmers’ markets might be interested in where they can be found.  They can also be a reason to move, especially if you find your current town or city does not have a great source of local growers.

Produce found at farmers’ markets is also cheaper than going to a store for it, making it cost effective to live in an area that has plenty of markets worthy of notice.  It is true that most big cities have farmers’ markets and if you look hard enough you can find at least one in your state.  There are some that have managed to be top of the list for the best farmers’ markets in the entire US.  Fayetteville Arkansas and Las Cruces New Mexico have topped the list of best places to live if you want the best farmers markets’ to be in your backyard.

Relocating to these two cities may not be the best option for you and your family unless you have employment there or wish to find employment there.  Basically, you do not want to move just for the great markets, but they are certainly a plus. Seattle, much of Oregon, New Bern in North Carolina, and plenty of locations in California are well known for their farmers’ markets for those who want to relocate.  Montana is a state with whole cows at local markets, should you want more than just vegetables and fruit.  Local growers are still the best in places like Montana, where the wilderness is still more than the population.

Jon Huser

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