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President’s Day offers best moving sales

President’s Day offers best moving salesPresident’s Day is well known as one of the best sales weekends of the year.  February tends to be slow.  This means that those who have just moved can find some pretty great deals for certain items.  February is known as the best month to find furniture.  If you recently relocated but left your couch behind, you can find one on this upcoming three-day weekend.

In fact cars, major appliances, and home furnishings are top of the list when it comes to sales on President’s Day.  You may find that the weekend is also perfect for the move you have been planning.  It is rare to find a three-day weekend that you actually get paid for.  If you are moving locally you might benefit from a move on the weekend.  If you do move on President’s Day be aware that the traffic will be increased on Friday afternoon and late Monday.  It is best to plan to finish last minute packing on Friday and move around on Saturday.

With the President’s Day sales it may be busy the entire weekend, but there will be break times in between the traffic.  For those who are not ready to relocate, consider finding the furniture you want for your new home and having the company keep it in their warehouse.  As long as they have the space and a significant number of the pieces, you should be able to get it delivered a month or two after the actual purchase and in time for your move.

Jon Huser

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