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Preparing the Office Staff for Relocation

Office Staff RelocationAn office relocation doesn’t have to take away from your company’s productivity or cut into your staff’s workday.  But, these things will occur if you aren’t sufficiently prepared for the office move.  One way to ensure that everything is as smooth as possible is to prepare your staff for the office relocation.  How do you do this?  We’ve put together a list of tips for you.

  • Employees that are informed well in advance will usually cooperate fully with the relocation efforts.  So, don’t withhold information on the move.  Your staff and your customers will ultimately thank you.
  • Make sure everyone knows the date of the move well in advance.  Additionally, the staff should be aware of the exact address of the new office and the new telephone number (if it will change).  Be sure to inform your staff of major highway intersections, public transportation availability, and parking facilities.
  • Let your staff know of lunch and dinner facilities near the new office.
  • If the new building will be just for your company, prepare a map of the building to your staff.  This way, your staff will know where the mail room, copy center, lunch room, supplies area, and other important locations are after the move.
  • Assign one person from each department to be the team leader for the relocation.  This person will be in charge of distributing keys, security cards, and other similar tasks.

– Lance Grooms

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