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Preparing for a green move

The best way to make sure that moving is as free from stress as possible is to be well prepared.  The last thing you should do is wait until the last minute to do anything; indeed, this is one of the most common relocation mistakes when it comes to costing people both time and money.  Planning a move in advance will serve to help both you and the environment.

How simple unpacking will be is determined by the way you pack everything in the first place.  Pack items that you know you are going to need right away in clear bins in order to make them easy to locate.  Make sure that everything is labeled, as this makes it much simpler to ensure that everything is placed in the appropriate rooms and can be easily unpacked into the correct places after the move.

It is a good choice to buy reusable bins, as you can then make use of them if you move again.  There are also a number of professional services that will deliver these bins to you and then pick them up again after the move, thus cutting out the necessity for wasteful cardboard boxes. Being creative with packing can also pay dividends.  Instead of purchasing a lot of packing supplies, make use of clothes to pack breakable goods such as dishes; small clothes can also be used to fill in any spaces left in boxes to stop things moving and breaking during the move.


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